Thursday, February 18, 2016

A short note on diversity in China, the Francophone and Commonwealth games and link to Colonialism, NFB's "E," and some images from the Grade 7 Skating trip

As we reviewed the diversity of Canada's First Nations people, I wanted to point out that this diversity exists in other parts of the world.  Initially, I pointed to China, but then I realized that China is comprised -- about 92% -- of the Han ethnicity.  My intention was to illustrate the point that there is not one Chinese type. 

Here is some more information:
From this same webpage is a map illustrating the breakdown of languages and ethnic groups:

The issue of diversity will be explored in our travels in History for the rest of the school year.
As with most lessons, I do a recap of where we have been and what we have learned.   In terms of Colonialism, and the development of Canada, we looked at a present day event tied to France's colonial past; The Francophone Games:

From the same link, here is a map of the nations who participate:

I suppose the same thing could be said of the nations who participate in the Commonwealth Games, who were once a part of the British (colonial) Empire!

One last note on History.  We will be frequently talking about the importance of perspective when looking at various elements of studying History.  I shared a humourous, sharp animated film from the NFB with the class.  It is from 1981 and I have used it as a teaching tool.  You may view it from the link below the screenshot.
 Some images from our trip!

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