Thursday, February 25, 2016

Historical Concepts and Drama: Looking at a view of Drama techniques in action

I made 5 suggestions on the back of the assignment page for this History/Drama exercise, but you may feel free to experiment with another approach.  Remember:  your performance must explore 4 out of the 7 concepts listed on the poster in the class (and on the apologies for the poor resolution of the photocopy).

I spent a bit of time hunting down some YouTube examples of the techniques I listed.  Here they are and some of the variations of them.


Corridor of Voices or Conscience Alley


I couldn't upload the YouTube video, but here is the screenshot (, along with the link to the video:


Inner/Outer Circle

This is not a video, but an image from the Council of Ontario Drama and Dance Educators
It was tricky to find a video for this, but the emphasis on this has to do with contrasting points of view

Interviewing (could be done as a "Hot Seat")

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