Friday, February 26, 2016

Media Literacy lesson, playing with Coding, adding to our Geometry unit, Outstanding work (also posted on the Homework chart)

Media Literacy

Here is our initial brainstorm poster around where we see advertisements:

Recording responses and ideas for the questions, posted below


This coding exercise will have to be picked up on Monday.  This type of  play (see links on the side of the Blog) will give us a sense of the work involved in learning to code.  There is one student in the class who is curious about learning the coding language of iOS devices.  Information for that is also posted on the links, at the right hand side in the link section.

I will model, briefly, how both of these, coding based activities, work.


On a similar note, we followed up our circle designs with making sure we know how to use the protractor to measure angles:

We took another look at this question Jade did and pointed out where she made her error:

The common mistake, explored a little further.

In the last image, a common mistake is usually with not reading the protractor correctly. Depending on where the angle opens from (the left of the right side), it will determine what scale you use.  In this case, Zoe used the incorrect scale for the measurement of her 120 degree angle.

She initially used the first line, which is actually a 60 degree Acute angle.  The correct measurement for the 120 degree Obtuse angle is where the highlighted line is.

 A useful video to assist with a review of angles may be seen here:

As for the protractor use of the protractor, I may have used this before, but it is fitting that I post it here:

Once you watch this particular video, there are countless others to look at to assist you.
For those who require the calculations to complete the Geometry/Art assignment, here it is:

Outstanding Work

Only 3/13 students have completed all of the homework that has been assigned over the last few weeks.  There will be more homework and I worry that students will become even more overwhelmed by the volume of work.  Stay on top!

Here is the homework for the Math Resource group.  You have to draw these angles in your Math notebook:
This week went by fast.  Wow.  Enjoy the weekend.

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