Sunday, January 3, 2016

Welcome to 2016, returning to Bloom's Taxonomy, select images from The Photography Club, and Math Resource quiz on Tuesday

Welcome back, well almost.

Near the start of the Geography unit, we looked at that horrific image of Alan Kurdi on the beach.  So much has happened in our classroom and a lot has happened for the family of Alan Kurdi.  While the news tends to be negative and, often, horrific, here is a story to lift our spirits.
As I mentioned in 2015, we would be exploring the idea of Bloom's Taxonomy a little more.  We will use it and apply it to an article from What in the World, but before we do that, let's have a little review.  A taxonomy is a way of organizing something.  In our case, we will use it to organize our thinking and stretch our understanding of a particular subject.

Let us begin with something simple:  The Bloom's Taxonomy ladder.

Now, we will look at the sandwich model for understanding how this might work.

Let us use a few examples from Hollywood, to enhance our understanding:

We will continue to use this taxonomy to help us make sense and understand an article we will use in Geography.  This kind of thinking will help us develop our reading comprehension skills, too!

Although this is not the best quality, here are a few of the shots from our Grade 7/8 Photography Club:


Math Resource group has a quiz tomorrow.  A small group of students had their Study Sheets returned, so they could review for the quiz.  The following items will be on the quiz:
- rounding decimals up to three places (thousandths)
- multiplying and dividing numbers up to three decimal spots by whole numbers

These quiz items are from the Grade 7 Number Sense curriculum.  Even though there was no homework assigned over the Break, these items were part of the homework in late December.  Mr. Chung did review questions in Math class today.  Some of the items, and how to approach answering those questions, is on the December 14, 2015 blog page.

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