Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sample photos from "Humpty Blooms" exercise, Paragraph reminder, recognition of some hard work, and homework and quiz reminder

We had a fun time reviewing some of the images from this week's exercise.   It demonstrated the flexibility of thinking that most of the students had towards something as simple as a Nursery Rhyme.

The questions were posted on yesterday's blog post.  We answered the two questions from the B section, which concerned Prime Minister Trudeau's comments.  The Bloom's Taxonomy questions will be used in an upcoming, open-book, test using the "Long Road to Canada" article from What in the World.  

A glimpse at a handout provided to the class on paragraphing:

Recognition of some recent hard work:


- create another 5 sentence paragraph in your Language notebook (use the feedback I provided you to improve on your first one)
- Bloom's Geography open book test from What in the World on Tuesday, January 26

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