Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Supplemental approach to "King Henry," another look at Bloom's Taxonomy and using it with Little Red Riding Hood

Avery pointed out another helpful video for exploring Metric conversion.  I will use it and then come up with a chart and brief note to explain how it works, even though the video is very helpful.

Here is part 2 of the video:

Here is the chart I came up with.  I will make sure everyone gets a copy.  By no means is this meant to be a dismissal of the chart I have been using with the Z in the middle (see Math notebook), but another example or perspective on how to approach these problems.

Thanks, Avery!

In my attempt to use a classic Fairy Tale to orient the thinking of the thinking in Bloom's Taxonomy, I realized that the questions I posted should have been linked to |Little Red Riding Hood.  I made a mistake a titled it incorrectly.  Here is what the taxonomy looks like, even though I may have posted it before:

The questions are kind of small, after I scanned it in.  I shared the questions with the class to let them see how the different level of questions worked.

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