Monday, January 25, 2016

Power of a photo and Passport assignment images

At one point in the Fall, some Grade 7 students did some research on the power of images and how they could change the world.  This one, related to a large component of our study of Geography, appeared once again in the The Toronto Star on Saturday with an interesting story:
I am going to summarize this story and model one of the elements from the Passport assignment in class.  A link for the story may be found under the photo.  We will either get to this on Tuesday or Thursday.  The Grade 6 students from the feeder schools will be visiting AMG tomorrow and this will alter the schedule for Tuesday.

Here are some selected images from some of the Passport assignments handed in for Grade 7 Geography.

To support our understanding of writing paragraphs, I thought we should veer off a look at the technical issues related to using commas.

We began, as usual, with developing a KWL chart:

The first question to be asked was about what would happen to a sentence if we took out a comma.  I responded by finding this image:
I forget where I got this from, so I am unable to reference it.

In terms of what we are doing in the Resource Math class, a couple of tests were returned.  Options to do Rewrites, if necessary, are available.  For the more recent Measurement/Patterning test, I reviewed two examples from the two parts of the test:

If there are any students who would like extra help or review with this, they may see me after school on most days.

A few notes from my son and daughter for my students.

- second paragraph, which will be graded, is due on Wednesday, January 27
- Rewrites the recently returned Math tests are due on Wednesday, as well

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