Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Learning Skills for Term 1, initial ideas around Health project, playing with Paragraphing, King Henry Math conversion

It is hard to believe that we are approaching another Report Card, but we are.

In terms of the Learning Skills I will be commenting on, here they are:

In about three weeks, the class will be doing a self-evaluation, which I usually include on the top portion of the Strengths/Next Steps section.  As I look at this, I realize that I have not assessed my skills.  This is something I will do, just before we do this exercise as a class. 

I am in the process of developing the idea of the Health Project that the Grade 7 teachers came up with.  It is a more educational spin on this video:

The more educational part comes from The Healthy Living section of the Grade 7 HPE (Health Physical Education) curriculum.  So far, the project looks like this:

As I mentioned, I wanted to continue our work and understanding of how paragraphs work.  We did look at a video, which I posted the other day, along with the "classic" paragraph hamburger handout.  We also used one group's sentence work to develop a short paragraph:

Each of the students will then work on the sentences they completed for homework and then develop a short paragraph.  This form of writing is a variation of the 5 Sentence paragraph that a lot of teachers talk about.

In Resource Math, we looked at our tests from last week and assessed the questions.  The test questions will be similar to the one from last week and the higher of the two marks will be used towards evaluation on the upcoming Report Card.

Although I have provided some questions and samples for our unit on Measurement and the King Henry chart, I will post a video here to see it in action.

First off, I love this one:

Here is another one:

Here is something worth noting.
BASE is another way of saying UNIT for the following set of measurements:  metre, gram, and litre.  Also, I think "deka," as it is typed above, should be spelled "deca."  I only say this because I am a Track and Field fan and think of the Decathlon, where there are 10 events.

In class, I have often used the King Henry Doesn't Mind Drinking Chocolate Milk.  The "M" represent the metre, but is only 1 of 3 base units (metre, litre, gram). 

- complete the set of sentences, if you haven't (2 simple, 2 compound, 1 complex sentence)
- complete Math sheet involving conversion  


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