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Ikigai, Marking the Geography projects, Guided Reading exercise in Geography, moving slowly into Paragraphing, and a visit from some former students, mo

Item of Interest (I of I)

Over the break, this image was shared with me.  I found it interesting and inspirational.  It comes from the Japanese idea of "finding the purpose in one's life."  More can be understood of this concept by checking out this page on Wikipedia:
As you enter the wonderful, confusing, exhilarating, and challenging period of Adolescence and start looking ahead, think of this image.  

I am enjoying the marking of the Grade 7 Geography assignments.  Fortunately, many students have completed them with a lot of pride, creativity, and enthusiasm.  Some students, unfortunately, have not.

I am posting a link that looked at the Success Criteria for the assignment.  Each student received a copy of this to guide them through the process.  In addition, I modeled the process with a mock assignment I did.

A few of the assignments, so far, have not used this guideline and some students have even plagiarized a fair bit of the writing from the websites they used for research.  During the research for this project, I insisted that students make jot notes to record information.  This would serve as the material for the story/narrative they wrote.  The narrative/story about the person did not have to be long and I wanted it to emphasize quality over quantity.  

If projects have been submitted outside of the agreed upon timeline (a flexible date of December 18 was provided), minor deductions in marks will occur.

Before we begin History in February, we will be looking at the plan for settling Syrian Refugees in Canada and attempting to deepen that understanding by using Bloom's Taxonomy.  We will be reading an article from What in the World entitled, "Long Road to Canada."  In it, it mentions the temporary accommodations that will be used for housing.  They are located at the Canadian Forces base in Trenton, ON.  Here are a few images of the housing:

And a shot from the outside:
Tonny Liu reminded me of the website, which tracks the number of Syrian Refugees in Canada.  Here is the site:
Language:  Paragraphing

I mentioned, towards the end of last year, that we would be moving into the skill of paragraphing (paragraph writing).  Before doing it in detail, we will be reviewing and recapping where we have gone with our sentence writing.

The collages were marked.  From an Art perspective, 11/12 people scored a mark of 70% or higher.  From a Writing perspective, 7 people scored a mark of 70% or higher.  I would have liked this to be higher.  This suggests a review is needed, before entering into Paragraphing.  This is why I describe it as a slow entry to the unit.

At the front of the class, this image is posted:

To supplement its meaning, I am going to provide some YouTube contexts:

Here is a classic video, that some of my former students found annoying, but thought it was useful:

I truly believe that if students are able to write a paragraph, then they will have a valuable skill they can always use.  The head of the English department, at Oakwood Collegiate, once commented that paragraph writing appeared to be a real struggle for students.  This is a skill that is supposed to be taught in Grade 2 (  If students are unable to write a paragraph by the end of Grade 8, I feel that this is very unfortunate.  I will do my best to encourage the students to develop the skills to "paragraph."

A photo, taken in early December, of some students from 2011-2012.

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