Sunday, November 29, 2015

Citation Machine website (for the Bibliography), Checklist for the Passport Assignment and Success Criteria chart

The Citation Machine website is helpful in setting up a Biliography when you have been doing research online.  When you go to the link, select the type of source you used.  Most of you would select Website, because the research was largely done from online sites.

Here is a screenshot, along with a link:

Most of you pulled current information from the Internet.  This online app allows you to drop in the website of your research in a particular field and then proceed through some steps to the final item for your Bibliography.  Let us walk through a couple of examples:  One will be from the web and one will be a Youtube video:
This comes from the research being done by Angela Duckworth.  I have found her very inspirational.

This other link is for the Star Wars fan in me.  It is a fan movie posted on YouTube.  Some of you may have used YouTube to get some information.

Preview of checklist to be handed out to individuals or groups tomorrow:

First Draft of Success Criteria (to be reviewed with students)

Modified assignment Success Criteria be a galaxy not so far, far away...

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