Friday, November 6, 2015

Preparing for Research, Progress Reports coming on December 10, & Weekend Homework

Over the course of this year, I am sure there will be research projects in a number of subject areas.
I spent 3.5 years as a full-time Teacher Librarian and another 5 years as a part-time Teacher Librarian/Grade 8 teacher.  During this time, Teacher Librarians were coming to grips with the challenges of technology.  The Internet was new and having to process large amounts of information was quite a challenge.

The Ontario School Library Association developed a research model that I will share with you on a link on the side of the blog.  I want to use this model to assist the students through the research process this year in both Geography and History.

For Grade 7, the Inquiry and Research model looks like this:

If this could be put in a large visual, it would look something like this:
screenshot of a "project map" for this assignment

Many of the students were asking me when the project is due.  That has not been determined yet.  I hope to spend some time looking at the research process and helping the students develop and understand some solid skills.

7A spent a period in the Library doing some "Stage 1" work.  One group, in particular, took it a step further and used one of the Graphic Organizers I provided to jot down some initial ideas.

Judah, contemplating the world.

A very important note went home yesterday concerning the upcoming Progress Reports:

- Reading Response (if it was not handed in on Friday)
- Math quiz for Resource class:  scrambled multiplication 1 digit x 1 digit & 2 digit x 2 digit questions
- Quiet Reading book/material for Monday

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