Monday, November 9, 2015

Adding Google Translate to Blog, Interviews, and tracking homework

A few years ago, I remember adding the Google Translate feature to my blog, but I recently noticed it wasn't there.  A family dropped in the class today to find out why there son was not doing his homework.  When I mentioned that it was on the blog, I realized that a number of families, and some students, may not be able to read it and make sense of it; enter Google Translate.
Here is a screenshot of how a portion of the page might look if it was translated into Vietnamese:
The link for translating is located on the right hand side of the page, to the right of my name.

A couple of items were sent home today:

1.  A reminder to a group of 7 students who needed to complete some outstanding homework assignments.
This homework chart, as I have mentioned before, sits at the back of the class, on the chalkboard and can be read by all of the students.  As one of the accommodations for all of the students, I am flexible with my time lines  and when students can submit work; if a bit of extra time is needed, I will allow them to have it.

2.  A note about setting up interview times for Thursday afternoon/evening and Friday morning interviews.  On this note, I make reference to the note from Donna Qwan (our TDSB Director) who mentioned that Interviews, this term, were to be at the discretion of the teacher.  I am not about to open up interviews to all of the students I teach; that totals over 70 students!  My priority is to meet with the Parents of the students in my class and that invitation has been sent outPlease fill out the preferred time slot and return the form and I will verify when you interview is. 

- complete the selected multiplication questions (p. 41, #2 & p. 42, #3&4) 
I have been making a point of having the students return to class before leaving for home to ensure that homework has been recorded in the agendas 

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