Thursday, November 26, 2015

Welcome Leaf by Sadie, Sentences with Judah, working on jot notes and a new novel for the class.

Judah noticed that Room 52 was working on a Sentence Collage assignment.  He asked about the samples on the board and I did not get a chance to explain them.  Generally, there are the three types of sentences:  Simple, Compound, and Complex.  Sometimes they can be combined, but for the simplicity and ease of learning them, we learn them separately.

I used the 3 types of sentences here:
The circled "but" is from this list:
Some Grade 7s working on a jot note exercise on a news story, I thought they would find interesting:

We will use this lesson on note-taking to add to our developing understanding of how to write a paragraph or paragraphs from the jot notes we take.

This is the new novel we are reading in class.  It is pretty engaging and we all seem to be liking it a lot!  It is a Newberry Award winning novel, which says a lot.

The website for the novel can be accessed here:

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