Thursday, November 5, 2015

Art Start to your day, Reading Response

Part 2 by Heather
by Heather
The students in Room 52 were introduced to how to do a Reading Response.   To assist them, we walked through an example together.  Even though the resolution is not very good, we looked at this article:

It was taken from one of the local, free papers.  To begin with, we looked at the photo and made some observations about the image, what was stated in the headlines, and any other information on the page.  After this, we read through the text together and made our way to completing an actual Reading Response:

One of the homework tasks, for tonight, is to select an article from a copy of the Metro newspaper (handed out by Mr. P) and completing a Reading Response (this will also be handed out by Mr. P).

Our progress in Math continues and I am pleased to see how most students are doing well with their Multiplication skill development.  We have now moved into multiplying two digits by two digits and will be spending one more night practicing this before a test on Monday.  I plan at looking at the Grade 7 Math program and then seeing how we can bridge it with the hard work we have been doing in multiplying.

Here is some the homework we have done.  It is put on the board to give the students a chance to share what they know, help one another, or copy down a correct solution to a question they may have gotten wrong.

I have been a little concerned about the lack of time at the end of the day to get agendas completed and signed.

I have addressed this by encouraging students to write down work, once it is assigned.  I have also asked the class to come into the room, for an extra 5-7 minutes, once the bell goes, at 3:23 to record their work and get my signature.


Math:  p.43 #5 a,c,e ; p. 44 #6,7
Reading Response:selected from Metro newspaper (take a look at the sample we did as a group on today's post)

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