Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Outstanding Geography Homework & the next steps for Mutliplication

The other two Grade 7 teachers have been given a copy of this list of outstanding Geography work:

Sorry, it is kind of blurry.

It is not the clearest photo, but three students on this list have already seen me -- since I announced showed the list on Monday -- to complete outstanding work.  Students are able to come in the class, after school, to complete the work.

This is a tutorial, building on what Mr. Chung introduced with the class yesterday:

This method breaks down the digits into smaller place values.  A review of the Expanded Form of Place Value will be necessary.

Here is some sample work we did in the first Resource class:

This question was done to assist some of the students who opted to do Rewrites.  Take note of the pattern of zeroes in the answer and in the expanded form of 639.

Zoe tackles new ground with 3 digit by 2 digit multiplication.  This is the same question from the YouTube video example.

After cleaning up the answer and trying our adding again, we came up with the correct answer.  Horray!  Note:  Zoe broke down the question into smaller parts by multiplying by the Expanded Form of Place Value as illustrated in the image below.

This method, as I called the "Nat method" may help students who have difficulty with solving it in the traditional manner, which is only 1 way, of many, to answer this type of question.   The traditional manner that I refer to is in the posted YouTube video.


- Rehearse Where is the Love song

- Complete Multiplication page: p.43 # 4 a-d; p.44 #2,4,8
- Rewrites for the latest Multiplication test are due on Thursday
- Outstanding Geography work or Autobiography assignment

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