Thursday, January 16, 2014


I wanted to provide the students with some hands on, real connection to some of the Metric units we have been talking about directly.  While they measured objects around the classroom (mostly using cm and mm as units), I wanted to give them a sense of how large a kilometre is.  So, we went for a walk around the school.  Here was our map:

So, in terms of putting together some of the activities relating to the Metric System, here is a King Henry conversion chart, along with some benchmark images:

To be continued.  I am going to check the results of the in-class, group estimation and measurement activity.  If students are having some difficulties, it will be another opportunity to re-teach some of the main concepts.
Evaluation of this unit will begin next week.

The paragraph quiz has also been reviewed.  Here are a couple of images:

A slide from a lesson from Promethean Planet.  An example of a good paragraph:  clear introduction, with supporting details, and a strong concluding sentence.

A sample of a multiple choice question on selecting the proper Topic Sentence.

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