Monday, January 20, 2014


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To build on the Persuasive Paragraphs the class is preparing to write, the students will be creating a poster (for the Media component of the Language program) to support their particular point of view.  We will be looking at some examples of effective poster design.  

Here is a link, on Google, to a page of posters.  Not all of them are good, but we will spend some time trying to understand what elements go into designing an effective poster.

 Some effective posters I found from this page are:

 A Success Criteria chart will be created for the Art/Media/Language poster project, but the initial thoughts on this project have been recorded and posted on chart paper:

For the Grade 7 Health Project, I wrote a note for the students to use to help guide their research.  Because I need the board space, I have erased the note and posting it on the blog for all to see:

Ms. Sitarek has arranged for a school presentation on Social Network Safety for parents on January 22.  The presenter is Paul Davis.  You may read about him at:

I am working on a small community walk to Freshco (on Gladstone, just North of Queen) to work on some of the Metric conversion exercises we have been doing in class.  More details will follow about this, but I am asking students to bring in 2 items from home to help practice for this short trip.

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