Monday, January 13, 2014


Another, in a series of images with commentary on some of the activities from Room 52.

Grade 8 visit to Bloor CI, last Friday.

Some measuring going on.
The King Henry chart (pictured on the left), has been seeing some more use.  Today it was used for a portion of an in-class activity where the students had to look for objects in the class, estimate a portion of their size, measure it for accuracy, and then convert the answer to a new unit.  Here is the chart that was used. 
Upside down, whoops!

My aim is to review the parts of the paragraph.  I have been spending a lot of time assessing what the students know and providing them with feedback.

At this point, I am keeping track of who has been doing what (understanding versus struggling) and attempting to answer questions along the way.

Before the end of this week, there will be some evaluation in this area, but more review is on the horizon!

Speaking of horizons, here is a gorgeous photo taken by my brother during the incredible cold spell last week:

Reading Buddies session
Journaling format for Reading Buddies


Completion of Math sheet on cm to mm conversions.

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