Friday, January 10, 2014


I am going to post some images and then comment on them and how they relate to what we are doing.

This exercise gives the student a topic sentence and they have to come up with supporting details.  I did an example for the students to see,

In this exercise, the students had to select which sentence would work better as a topic sentence.  It has to be one that is not too general and specific enough.

The series of pictures below relate to a game where the students were given a series of sentences to organize.  It is based on the paragraph written at the bottom.  The students needed to paste them in correct order -- topic sentences, supporting sentences, and concluding sentence -- on the the construction paper.  The completed game answers were posted up on the front of the board.

The Grade 8s will be off to a visit at Bloor CI this afternoon and the 7s will be with Ms. Osbourne for 2 periods and with Ms.Ayearst for two periods.

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