Monday, January 6, 2014

A gradual return to the routines...

Thanks goodness that the storm that was supposed to come, has not.  The threat of ice, like we had a few weeks ago, does not seem to be very real.

The temperatures are supposed to drop over the next several days as the students adjust back to the routines of Room 52.

During some writing time, and in Community Circle, I had the students share a few events from their holidays.
I wanted them to describe these events.  This means they have to provide key features, in an organized manner, to create a mental picture for the reader or listener (see for more details and defintions relating to writing and reading taken from the EQAO assessment).

I did a sample entry for the students to see:

We also had a short visit to Mr. McLaughlin's class for Reading Buddies.  Here is Eric, helping his partner with the Art and Writing portion of the visit:

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