Thursday, January 9, 2014


A few announcements from AMG.

There is an opportunity for students at AMG to be a part of the Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club after-school program right in our school!  Information sheets and sign up forms were sent home yesterday.  If you did not get this, you can request another copy.

Vision screen testing is also available for all Grade 7 students:

In class, we are beginning to look at unit conversion in Measurement.  I selected this because it relates closely with our last unit on Place Value.  As you can see from the following image, each of the prefixes for certain measurements on the metric system have a value on the Place Value chart.

The function of how this conversion chart will be explained to the students in the coming days.
We are continuing our work on paragraphs.  At the moment, we are having a lot of discussion and work around paragraph writing skills.  In one of the exercises, the students were given a topic sentence and then had to come up with a reason to support the answer.  Here is a sample I did for the students:

I collected the samples done by students -- it was in small groups -- and will give them some feedback to help them with their understanding.  We will then continue with some more exercises (games, short writing exercises) before the students begin to create their own work for evaluation (marking).

Here is a Youtube video I have used in the past to help the students have an understanding of how to write a paragraph:



- complete spelling work (work from the unit + the sentences) and prepare for the final dictation

 This was a sample of the sentences I had asked the students to do.  It is a review and practice of the simple, compound, and complex ones.  If they have their Literacy folders, it should help them.

A nice, neat chart summarizes the type of sentences and conjunctions that are sometimes used with them:

 Have a good evening.

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