Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Surface Area, EQAO dates

Visuals for Surface Area Homework

In Tlaloc's book, we looked at the same question that I used the interactive software (from Tuesday's post), but broke down the box into the faces and then calculated the areas.

It seems that this might be the first time you are encountering this concept.  It can feel very overwhelming, but take it one "face" at a time and draw pictures, if you would like.

As I advised, record the definition of what Surface Area is, so it helps in your understanding of the concept.

One of the textbook questions gave you a set of dimensions for a gift box.  Some of you weren't sure what the box might look like.  Regardless of the box's dimensions, the surface area, when calculated, would be the same.

Here are a couple of pictures of what the gift box might look like:

It seems like the box needs to be rotated and how you see it depends on your point of view; like a lot of things in life.

I selected question # 8 because it resembles an EQAO type question.  It is layered and, I have to admit, the type of open-ended thinking that a part of the assessment looks at.

Tomorrow, someone can fill in the calculations, but I thought this visual might help some of you, who are stuck on the question.

Formula offered by Isabelle, in Grade 7:

This video was looking at a couple of the cardboard models I used to introduce the topic.

Over the coming days, before the Math component of EQAO begins, we will be looking at some more of the topics we have not covered so far this year.  Speaking of EQAO, here are the dates:

Make up dates will be on Friday, May 26th and May 29th
A big congratulations goes out to our Soccer team members from Room 28!

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