Monday, May 8, 2017

Ingredient Jeopardy: inspired by Fed Up!, Xylitol gum, back to Transformations & homework question & tutorial links

lessons inspired by Fed Up!

This exercise from one of our Hot Docs films had us look at some of the ingredients in snack foods we like.  I created Jeopardy-type questions for some of them and we used it as a learning  opportunity for how some of these ingredients work and what they do to our bodies.

Te'ron brought in a package of gum with Xylitol on the label.  Upon doing some research, I can see how this ingredient may be advertised as something beneficial for maintaining good oral hygeine; not only is this a good topic for Media Studies but for Science, as well.

Transformational Geometry:  returning to it

a short review

This is today/tonight's Homework.
Before beginning the homework, a review of the key vocabulary for reflection, rotation, and translation is in order.  Please take a look at this link for reflection and then you will see the links for rotation and translation at the bottom of the page:
The cool thing about these sites is the opportunity to practice what you have read with the review questions, located near the bottom of the tutorial!

The coordinates of the octagon are here:

Use these coordinates from p. 255 to plot the Octagon and then use the plastic piece of paper to rotate the shape.

I will check the homework tomorrow in the notebooks and model some possible solutions.

I fumbled quite a number of times when I was trying to make a video to post up on the blog.  In the end, it was too larger (over 100mb), so I will just show it in class on Tuesday.


Complete Math questions assigned in class today

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