Monday, May 22, 2017

EQAO Assessment week, Eco Play day, filling in the blanks, Eco Film Festival, Acting opportunity

Math EQAO answers

It won't be until Thursday until the start of the Math portion of EQAO and hoping we will have some time for some review. Here is some of the work we looked at from last week:

Could a fidget spinner help your child during EQAO test week? 

Eco Fun Play Date

It was great to see some former Dovercourt and, in my case, Alexander Muir Gladstone, students out to host a fun playdate on Friday.  Here are a few shots from the day:

Last minute advice:

Fractions, percentages...

20 tickets have been set aside for our school.  11 have been accounted for and 9 remain.  Please return the permission letter (sent out on Friday) to take in our exciting film at the gala event!

Acting opportunity:

In the Fall, we visited the Regent Park Film Festival.  One of the films, which was part of the Grade 7 & 8 program was done by filmaker Alicia Harris.   She is working on another film and I am trying to spread the word of actors who may welcome the opportunity to audition for a role!

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