Monday, May 1, 2017

Spring Fling notices, Community Circle questions for Wizard Mode, Data Management test

Robert Gagno & Wizard Mode

The first documentary we looked at was from the film Wizard Mode which explored one of the stories of Robert Gagno, who loves playing Pinball and someone on the Autism spectrum.  This film is fitting, given our recent discussions, in class, about neurological diversity.

The following clips share aspects of his story and the questions posted below were used for our Community Circle discussion this morning.  Some students did not get to answer a question or respond to a prompt, but we will return to the discussions on Wednesday after our trip to the Science Centre.

IAS test review

In preparation for our final test in the Data Management strand, we looked at the old Math test and walked through each question.  If students had questions about the questions, we worked through them.  With permission, Hannah allowed her Study Sheet to be used to help people for this Wednesday's test:


Final Data Management test on Wednesday
Bring in old snack wrappers to examine nutrition content

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