Thursday, May 11, 2017

Model of Wednesday's Homework & Colours


The example I modeled in class yesterday looks like this.  I meant to post this last night and apologize for not doing that.

The rotation is 270 degrees clockwise.

I plan on playing a little with the rotation before we have to do the final assignment.

I updated the rotated portion of the shape I made to illustrate the pattern that is created.  I think I will include this in the final version of the assignment.  Thanks to the students who handed in this homework for review and feedback from me.  


Here is the image of the colours I made reference to in the short lesson from Tuesday.

Take a look at this short video for a short primer on the Colour Wheel:


The team of Ling, Waxer, and Proudfoot have been working with the class to help them understand the demands and challenges of the upcoming assessment.  We have been looking at the Reading and Writing portions of old assessments, but will now turn our attention to the Mathematical type questions the students may encounter.

Between now and the end of the school year, we will be looking at some concepts in more detail.  One of those items involves volume.

For those of you not interested in taking the textbook home, here are the photos of the pages:

Weekend Homework:
- Math textbook work
- Driving with Selvi prompt questions/quotations for Monday's Community Circle
- completion of Geometry pre-assignment 

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