Friday, May 12, 2017


A busy time of year.  Marks for the Cereal Book Talk assignments will be handed out on Monday. These are only shots of some of the items I marked.  According to my mark book, there are several students who have not handed this in.

I took photos of the cereal boxes, so I could mark them at home.  In some cases, I forgot to take a shot of a part of the box which is worth a certain mark.  On Monday, I will check out the parts I missed and then update my marks.  I will not post the Level 3+ names until I have completed this.

Thursday's Math Test Level 3 + students:

On the topic of Geometry, the rough copies of this Geometry assignment were due on Thursday.  I will be returning the copies I received, reviewing the assignment and explaining when the good copy is due:

Enjoy your weekend.

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