Saturday, March 4, 2017

Spelling Test pushed to Tuesday, NEW video from Math Antics, Student ideas with Media Literacy & Aristotle


Because I have a number of notebooks with the list words in them, some of you will not be able to study for Monday's final dictation.  So, the dictation will be on Tuesday, since your books and work will be returned on Monday.

Mean, Median, Mode:

I have subscribed to the Math Antics YouTube channel.  This update came to me on Friday:

We will look at this on Monday.  I am going to go back to the last post and add some comments to each of the homework photographs I posted to explain each question a little more.  Be sure to bring your questions to class when something doesn't make sense.

Student voices on Media Literacy:

This is an example that Chloe shared with me last month.  We did not get around to watching it and I thought it would be a good way to hook our imaginations back to the Media Literacy project.

This is a student-produced example of a homework item from 4-5 weeks ago; it involved brainstorming an idea for a  Media project.  Here is Josue's idea:

Aristotle and the role of persuasion:

I was doing some background reading on the 3 Greek words used in the handout I gave you and I came across the explanations of each one from a 2 Century old text:

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