Monday, March 6, 2017

Link to some Old School ads for analysis, breaking down Badminton: skills + competition, approaches to Algebra, Internet Learning sheet & updated links for Mean, Median, and Mode games

Media Literacy:

Vintage Toronto tourism ads have less swagger, more mullets Shared via the CBC News Android App


As we play the game more, it is important to remember some of the skills you are developing and the important shots.  

As we look, briefly at some of these examples of exciting play, pay attention to the foot movement of the athletes.  They are moving around a lot and not standing still.

Although this is one example, here is an athlete doing some training.  This sport is very intense and explosive!

Algebra Review:

Last week I learned that the approach to solving Algebra questions is much more open that I once thought.  The guess and check method is an approach that is used from Grade 6 through Grade 8.  The balance approach is not introduced in the curriculum until Grade 8.  I find this a little odd and think it is something the students should become aware of in Grade 6.

Here are two sample questions with the two approaches, along with a final one that I refer to as crossing the bridge.  This approach is not something I made up but is sort of a hybrid version of the balance approach.   

Internet links for Mean, Median, and Mode games:

By the end of the evening, I will add a series of links to games related to this topic of the Data Management and Probability strand.  The existing link will remain, for those who will access the game link at home.

Be sure to list the name of the game or website so I can check out the game!  Be sure to list it on the Internet learning sheet:
I said I would list an example of how this might look, but I haven't done it yet.
Here is the game I found and decided to play.  UPDATE:  I did the is down below.

An example of the learning:  setting up the numbers in the set from least to greatests

Homework board

Just a reminder.  All work is up here and then should be written in the agenda.

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