Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Hot Docs for Schools: 2017, "Grade 7 History fact," New York Times exercise

Hot Docs:

The Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival is North America's largest documentary film festival and held annually in Toronto (

When I was at AMG we I helped to coordinate the Hot Docs for Schools film festival, which is part of the larger festival.  For a week, the room would be transformed into a theatre, where students would visit and take in some thought provoking films.

This year, I am hoping that some of the films may inspire some ideas for the Social Studies Inquiry project, which is being assigned and maybe even related to some concepts in Health.  Here are some of the trailers, or links to them, for the films we secured:

Driving with Selvi

The Crossing:

Chasing Ice:  

Fed Up:

Handsome and Majestic (interview with Milan, subject of film):  

I mentioned the interesting story about Darius McCollum, who assumed the role of a public transit operator in the New York City and in New Jersey.  Darius has Aspergers, which is on the Autistic Spectrum.  While this is not part of the festival, it is a documentary I would like to share with the class sometime.

When thinking about people you may know who are on the Autistic Spectrum, think of it like this:

Grade 7 History tidbit:

I have always thought that film was an awesome way to give students some insight into the lives of others and challenge and stretch how we see the world.

What is Going on...


Artists’ idea of what the TRAPPIST-1 solar system might look like. For now, each of it’s Earth-sized planets is known by a letter only. Their estimated relative size is shown.
I found some sugar!

There was no work assigned this evening, so this work is from last night.  The Homework chart should be monitored too!

Have a good evening.

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