Tuesday, March 28, 2017

from UofT to "the dip" to Orff, Homework

Starting the Science Investigation in the Library with Ms. Ling

This is a timely news story that was just sent to my phone:

More details of the story can be found here:  http://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/supermassive-black-hole-birth-stars-1.4042363

A couple of Dovercourt Dragon team photos



University of Toronto Varsity Blues visit

Members of diverse UofT Blues teams came to Dovercourt last week to engage the Grade 4-5s on team building and inclusive activities.  Here are some photos:

At the end of the session, the students wrote affirming messages on cards, which were attached to their backs.

 Data Management work: Working with Blocks and our Reading Buddies 

Rather than leave the work with blocks to something that I modeled, I thought it was important that the students play and learn with the blocks.  Hopefully, this preparation is reflected in the tests that will be returned today or tomorrow.

With our Reading Buddies, Ms. Sniderman made some adjustments and we had Math Buddies today.  The younger students and members of our class worked on designing surveys and doing some initial research.

Media Literacy:  

A more definitive Success Criteria for the Media Project will be shared with the class and the groups provided with work time today.  I wanted to add this final photo of the example I used earlier with David's image.

I added one more detail from Aristotle's mode of persuasion.  Logos was added since the original ad had a lot of statistics on the benefits of signing up early for the 10 K run.
Here is one of our group, who are well on their way with the project:

Resilience Work:

There are a few items of work we are using in Language class that revolve around the theme of being resilient.  In Writing, we are working on completing a summary of Mike's story (the boy who feared class presentations) and then working on a narrative paragraph on a moment of being resilient.  

To begin, we re-read Mike's story and began writing some jot notes & brainstorming on story ideas.  To help, I wrote this, based on my own experience with falling, literally, during a Track meet in 2014.  

Perhaps this idea of dealing with adverse situations can be related to "the dip," which is explained in this great series, which I have seen on YouTube.


Last week, we began to look at this piece of music and play it:

This is something Ms. Bunston shared with me for today's class.  There are two swear words in this video; my apologies. 


- summary of Mike's story of Resilience
- Comma -- open book -- quiz on Thursday
Holly's cousin, Tony

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