Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Coming soon: EQAO, Homework chart, Music/Orff, Basketball Conference finalists

The EQAO assessment will be around in a couple of corners.  This, above all else, is an assessment and is not used for evaluative purposes or to determine future student pathways (entry into Grade 7 or 9).

What is important, for all students, is to feel prepared and confident in their abilities.  As part of our preparation, we will be looking at some old assessments and seeing how to best approach the answers to particular types of questions.  Links to previous assessments may be found on the EQAO page.  For now, I am only going to look at the 2015-2016 assessment:  http://www.eqao.com/en/assessments/junior-division/Pages/example-assessment-materials-2016.aspx

Homework Chart: 

Names removed...are you staying on top of this?
There were several boys, from our class, who were on this team.  A shout out goes to Charlie, Jahmarian, Sean, Kamar, Alexander, Danny, and Tlaloc.

We need some photos!  I will take a couple of shots of our various team members we have had this season.

Music/Orff:  Some Review

Emily demonstrates the difference between Staccato & Legato

Forte and Piano:

Understanding Beats/minute:

Calculating BPM for Fresh Prince of Bel Air lyrics

We have used this video before, but we will look at this video from the perspective of calculating BPM (otherwise known as Beats Per Minute)

Listening Exercise:  Alessia Cara's Scars to your Beautiful

- Study Sheet for Mean, Median, and Mode (a review video)

- Outstanding items on Homework Chart

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