Thursday, March 2, 2017

Math Homework UPDATED and the return of the Assignment chart

Congratulations to the Boys' Basketball Team for reaching the finals and representing our school so well.  I heard that you worked very well, as a team, to make it this far.  Your coach, and your school are very proud of you!

Saya asked me to print out the summary page that I posted for Mean, Median, and Mode.  If you want, I can print it for you or you may "right-click" and save the image and print it yourself for future reference.

Before I print the images of the completed Homework, I will post an example I had on the board that may explain some of the details from all the numbers you will see from the homework answers.

I think the example and labels are clear.  We will come back to this problem to understand how important and misleading, statistics can be.
Here are the answers to the homework questions:

This is the last question and asks for the mean, median, and mode for the chart of statistics on the Lacrosse players.  The b) portion of the question is asking you to decide what type of "average" would be most accurate in describing the information in the set.  We used this kind of thinking when we looked at Marc's test results:  would the mean, median, or mode be better at describing Marc's work?

The first question asked about the median of two sets of data.  In the first one, the set had an odd set of numbers.  In the second, the set total is even and we had to work with the two middle numbers to figure out the median.

This question looked at a set of house prices.  This was a thinking type question and required the observation that one price on the list made the mean (what we usually think of as the average) jump. 

This is part of question 6 a) that looks at some of the stats from the game.

Based on Isabella's suggestion, I think I have adjusted the settings to allow for messages to be sent to me.  So, if you have questions about the homework from last night or today, you can drop me a line.

Due to Winter Alternatives Day happening tomorrow, I have not assigned any homework for tonight, but the Spelling Work given out on Tuesday is due tomorrow.  The final dictation is on Monday.

Last week, Sean asked about rebooting the Homework chart, so I did.  There are only a few things there, but some people are on top of things more than others.  How are you doing?

Not every bit of Homework is tracked on here.  Daily Math homework is recorded in my Mark book.  Only you know if you have completed your Homework.  Use that agenda to help you stay on top!

enjoy your Winter Alternatives day!

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