Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The final weeks of work and assessment, History work, and using the agenda

Once March Break passes, the year seems to speed up.  Time does not change, but it feels quicker.  I never imagined I would be thinking about some of the final posts, for this blog, for the school year.

Before blogging, I am working through a series of Excel worksheets and organizing marks, across a range of subject areas.  As I do this, I will be making note of the students who have not completed certain items of work.  I imagine that there will be about 2 weeks and a couple of days for students to catch up and complete assignments, before the final copies of the report cards are printed.  So, there is still time to complete work.

There was a Math test today.  It was posted up on the Homework chart, since last week.
Here is a panoramic shot of the History projects and jot note assignments.  There should be more of them on the wall, yet I am proud of the efforts made by the students who respectfully followed and adhered to the deadline.
What has been really helpful, for a number of students, is the consistent use of the agenda.  Here is a shot of Avery's agenda. 

Using this item, on a regular basis, allows the student to keep track of what they need to do.  It develops the skills of responsibility, initiative, and organization; all of which are life skills and part of the Learning Skills and Work Habits section of the report card.