Friday, June 24, 2016

Last note on Homework, Grade 7 Pot Luck, Trip to High Park, final History assignment, and a goodbye from Mr. P


This note is coming down.  It was an extension of the Homework chart (I mentioned this in a previous post).  I did not prompt Tony to write this, but I think it is an important note.

The report cards are being printed on Monday morning and will be going home on Tuesday.  If work wasn't submitted to me, then I can't alter any marks.  Props go out to the students who handed in work over the last few weeks and past couple of days.

Pot Luck

On Tuesday, most of the Grade 7 students brought in a dish of food to be shared with the entire Grade 7 team. It was the second one for the year and a lot of fun to sit and share food with some friends and workmates.

High Park Trip

Today we went for a walk and hike to High Park.  Although I did not capture images of all of the students, I did grab a few shots.

Newspaper based Inquiry & sign off

This was the last assignment for History and, I believe, the last assignment these Grade 7s have for this year.  There was an 82% completion rate for this assignment.  Many of the students worked in partnerships to get this done.

It has been a pleasure teaching this group of students and I will hold them close in my journey as an educator.  I wish them all the best next year.  Although this will not be my last post for the 2015-2016 year, I will not have many more.  The blog will have the same name, but will be based out of my new school, Dovercourt PS, in September, 2016.

As I mentioned to both groups of Grade 7s in September, I knew it would be a special year.  I am close to completing 20 years as an Educator and have connected with hundreds of students.  I give many thanks to the AMG community for providing me with the experiences, lessons, and knowledge that I will always be grateful for,