Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Short History Project, Review for Math on Algebra/Measurement, Wahanowin photos, and a couple of other things

In the Breezeway (space between the Gym, Auditorium, and the Library) are a series of photos taken from Camp Wahanowin.  If you are near the school, drop in and have a look.  Most of the shots are from the students, and 2 are from my "eye."  Here is a small sampling:

The following are some photos of work we were reviewing for the Math test, which pairs both thinking from the Measurement and Algebra strand.  We worked in groups, and on our own, to solve these questions.

completed by Gavin

At the time of writing this posting, I am awaiting the opportunity to review the upcoming History assignment with the students from 7B.  I have tried to make it as student friendly as possible.  I have provided options for completing it and the opportunities to work alone or in a group.

Once the assignment has been verified, I will have a handout for the students.  Although the assignment sheet is comprised of 4 sheets of paper, it is intended to provide some guidance for them and answer any initial questions they may have.

If I could summarize the assignment, it would sound and look like this:
The student(s), either on their own or in a group, will be required to create 2 out of 3 of the following formats for a newspaper page:

1. A news article.  This is a sample from Writers Express workbook:

 Like one of the exercises from the Grade 10 Literacy test, where you are required to write a news article, this format will be provided to assist you.

from http://images.slideplayer.com/5/1481831/slides/slide_3.jpg
2. You may create an editorial cartoon.  Here are a few examples:


3.  A letter to an editor may be created or an editorial.  Here is a sample letter to an editor from Writers Express:

An editorial may also be created.  This may look like this.  Trigger alert:  the topic in question related to Rehtaeh Parsons.

An editorial piece -- cartoon, letter, or article -- is based on facts and often has this format:

Once the assignment has been finalized, I will upload it on the Google Classroom site and post it on the Proudfoot Institute site as a Microsoft Word document.  

In 7C, I have returned all of the rough copies of the Media assignment.  Only 1 students still has to complete this.  I have provided feedback based on what he set up in the Success Criteria for the assignment:

The final assignment is due on Thursday

Here is a shot of Nathaniel's and Avery's cat.  They were both subjects/topics of yesterday's Community Circle.


Self Portrait: