Monday, June 13, 2016

List of outstanding homework, updated History assignment, fraction game links

The last sprint of homework

As I mentioned in last week's post, I got around to finalizing a list of work items that students should complete before the last round of report card printing happens.

The lists, which are now posted at the front of the room, are for History and for the Language class I teach for 7C.  I will get around to writing a note and sending it home, detailing what assignments are outstanding, but I suggest asking your son or daughter about it.  I feel they should be accountable for the work they need to complete.  This work is not hidden from them and is posted on the homework board and tracking chart.

correction:  the list on the right should read 7A

There are students who have completed all of the required work for this term, so it is possible.  I have very flexible timelines and allow students to hand in work, if they require extra time, but there comes a point where work will no longer be allowed in because time has run out.

Updated History assignment

The short, newspaper based assignment for History class has been updated.  I made some changes to the assignment to make it clearer, posted some examples, and included a Success Criterion for the three parts (although you are only responsible for 1 or 2) of the assignment.

Check it out on Google Classroom.  In addition, you will need the course code (on the front of Mr. Proudfoot's room, on the board) to get in.  You were told to do this in early May.

Mathematics Review through gaming

Before playing some of these games, take a moment and watch the following videos.  This one is from the Khan Academy:

This one is from the popular Math Antics website that we often use:

For the Math class taught by Chungfoot, there are a few games I would like you to check out.

a) Jeopardy with fractions:
I know you have not done multiplying or dividing fractions yet, so you could skip that part until you learn.

b) Game involving equivalent fractions:

c) Another, involving equivalent fractions:

d) Speedway fractions (adding and subtracting):

There are countless other games which you could play online to reinforce some of the skills you are learning in class.  These are a few to get you started to review what you have learned.

Have a great evening and day tomorrow.