Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Student Vote results 2015 (YouTube link), "Autobio Map" images, pointers, and examples

2015 Student Vote video results:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgI8RMbh66U

The Autobiography is due in just under a week.  For those who may not check the blog, I created a map in the class for you to look at to help you along the way with the assignment.  This assignment is due on Monday, October 26.

The jot notes are the ideas that eventually become the sentences for the paragraph.

Here is a copy of Nat's Life Map.  He agreed that I could share it with the class as an example:

During Language period tomorrow morning, we will look at this in more detail and do a comprehensive review of the type of sentences we have learned about this term.

I made a copy of the jot notes started by Nathaniel.  He wrote only a few words per chapter for the Autobiography.  I provided some feedback and made some suggestions on possible jot notes he could write.  The idea is that jot notes will assist in the writing of  paragraphs. 

If I was Nathaniel, I could now use these notes to help me draft a paragraph.  Pretending I am Nathaniel, I might write something like this:

For a long time it was hard for me to finish Gym class.  I would always be breathing hard.  I told my Mom and she took me to the doctor and I found out that I have Asthma.  Since I did not know a lot about Asthma, this made me sad.  I only knew bad things about it.  Then I got a puffer and I felt more comfortable.  I have had only one attach since I got it and now I am used to it.

Art by Edmond, Nathaniel, and Tony Liang

- jot notes for the chapters in the autobiography (this was assigned last week)
- any outstanding work for other subjects
- ask yourself:  should I be asking a teacher for some extra help or more explanation of the work being assigned?

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