Monday, October 26, 2015

A peak inside the Kilis Refugee camp, links to maps detailing Refugee "hotspots," the Passport Project, saying goodbye to Tafara, Level 3/4 results for Sentence Quiz and Math test #2

A YouTube video from the Kilis Refugee camp in 2013.

From the IRB of Canada:

The first of two maps we will use for this project.

The second:
The format of the map is off in this pdf document.

The assignment will be handed out soon.  I have gone through the rough draft of the assignment and answered questions that members of the class have.  Any Internet links related to the project will be posted in the LINKS section of the blog.

As this portion of Geography comes to a close, I want to remind you that we have been looking at how people negotiate their surroundings.  Since we have been looking at the Refugee crisis in Europe, and most notably with Syria, the challenging surroundings and negotiations have been across land and water.

Here is a YouTube clip from a CBC news story aired this morning:  

Once in the EU, the trip to Germany is daunting and not without challenges.  Here is a CBC news story from within the southern portion of Germany:

The Homework quiz will be marked and returned as soon as possible to the students.  In both classes, we have continued viewing The Lost Boys of Sudan.  

Last week was Tafara's last week before moving to Guelph.  He was a funny, insightful, intelligent student and I was sad to see him leave.  Here are a few shots from last Friday's goodbye:

When we have a test or an assignment, I may post the results of students who have achieved above Level 3 and 4.  I do not showcase the marks, but acknowledge the students who achieved a result of B (70%) or higher.  

For the Simple and Compound sentence quiz we had last week, here is a list of students:

For the second Math test, here is the list:

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