Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Link to some multiplication games and another example of "Nat's" method, New York Times exercise, Complex Sentences, & Homework

For those looking for some games related to learning your tables, these series of games might offer a fun way to reinforce your practicing of your tables.

The games may be found at

I had a question this morning about the method that Nathaniel shared yesterday.  Here is another example, taken from a note I sent a parent:

One of the creative, language based exercises we do involves this exercise from The New York Times.  During the school year, the paper posts an image once a week and offers students an opportunity to explore what might be going on in the photo.  Last week's exercise looked at this photo:

The actual event may be found on:

After spending time looking at Simple and Comound sentences, we have now turned our intention to Complex sentences.  Here is a YouTube video we used to look at how they work:

Last week, a sheet was handed out for homework, but we only turned our attention to it today.  With some more writing under our belt, here it is:

It is the pairing of an INDEPENDENT CLAUSE and a DEPENDENT CLAUSE which allows us to create a Complex Sentence.

**As of 4:20 p.m., I had to redo this blog entry.  I tried to upload a couple of photos and ended up losing a lot of work that I had done earlier in the day.**

- Complex Sentence work (follow directions on page and add an Independent Clause to 3 of the Dependent Clauses to make a Complex may write on the worksheet that you took home)
- Multiplication test on Friday (1x1 didgit and 2-3 digits x 1 digit:  NO CALCULATORS)
- keep reviewing your multiplication tables
- p. 41 of the Math needs to be completed:  Use the methods introduced to you by Nathaniel or Mr.P

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