Thursday, October 22, 2015

UPDATED: NYT Journal Exercise, Introducing the Reading Response, & Group work around Complex Sentences

We  will return to this journal exercise.  If you are not done during the required time, you may finish it at home.

UPDATE:  The Reading Response exercise will happen on another day.  It requires much more time that we currently have.  In addition, the Complex Sentence exercise will be postponed.  I will leave the video up, in case you would like to look at it.  
One of the templates we will use for a Reading Response.  I will model an example in class for you.

Instead of doing the 2 preceding items, we looked at the previous posts on the writing process related to the Autobiography.  Examples related to the jot notes and how they inform the writing of the chapters were discussed today.


- Compound and Simple sentence test tomorrow (Complex sentences will not be on this test)
- Autobiography and Life Map due on Monday

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