Friday, October 23, 2015

A couple of helpful reminders: Homework Chart & Thinking before speaking; Resources for Mathematics

Homework Chart:
A way for you to monitor your work and see what you need to do.  If you are not sure, ask three before me.
I am hoping that during the course of the year, you will learn to become responsible for your learning and be able to stay on top of your work. 

This was shared with me, from my partner.  It is from a post she got from Facebook about the importance of thinking before speaking:

On Monday, we had a Community Circle to discuss some of the concerns from members of the class.  One of the overwhelming themes had to do with treating one another with respect.  

At times, we may forget and say things that are hurtful to others.  Those thoughts should probably stay in our head and we should probably think and little deeper before we say or do something.

In an attempt to follow some of the content that the other Grade 7 classes are doing in Math, Mr. Chung and I decided to spend some more time reviewing the Multiplication Table.  While that might seem to be elementary, there are a number of students who still grapple with it.  

Some of the upcoming Math we will do will need you to be comfortable and confident with these multiplication skills.  So, the skills will be developed in small steps.

Again, the link to the JUMP Math approach to learning your tables:


In class, we looked at some basic models:

Here is a video that may seem elementary, but is linked to the concept posted in the preceding picture:

For homework, we will work on some basic multiplication skills and then move into some more challenging questions as we bridge towards long division.  The larger group of Grade 7s are also looking at division because they are looking at percentages,decimals, and ratio.  While we may not be doing exactly what they are doing, we are conceptually on the same page. 

Another video, which becomes a little more challenging:

Part 2 of this video:

Some of the content of these videos will serve the basis for tonight's homework.


For those who have not received your Math tests, they will be returned on Monday.  This is a promise.

Multiplication worksheet for smaller group:
questions:   p. 41 #1, 4 a,b,c ; p. 43 # 2, 4 a,b,c

Open book Geography quiz based on Thursday's handout "About Refugees"

Autobiography & Lifemap due for Mr. P

have a good weekend 

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