Thursday, May 14, 2015

Homework Chart: Ever present reminder of what was due and the coming of the Progress Reports

After the homework has been posted on the chalkboard in the "Homework and Reminders" space, it is listed on this chart.  At any time, the students can check what they have to do and ask questions about it.  The students are reminded about this chart.  Some use and some don't.  

It is my belief, as a Grade 7 and 8 teacher, that the students should be taking responsibility for the work they have to complete.  I have deliberately not posted the names of the students; that wouldn't be right.  Please ask your son or daughter how they are handling the work that is expected of them.  

This only represents work for my class.  There may be work for Science, Geography, Health, or History.

A consistent and regular use of the agenda usually helps the problems associated with homework completion. 

I will be sending home a mini-Progress Report for the subjects in my class.  This may not happen until next week, but it will briefely comment on some of the Learning Skills I have seen in room and narrow in on some of the work that may or may not be completed.  

Rather than pull the Rotary teachers into this conversation, I am only focusing on the subjects I teach.  The modified portion of the report looks something like this:


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