Monday, May 18, 2015

Literary Devices (a link from another website) for the Food project

While working through a rough copy for my own food project to model for the students, I came across a website that offered a series of example of how literary devices may be used.

Here is one of the screenshots:

This was taken from the Internet and looks to be a part of a project a student did.   I was looking for a simplified way of presenting a variety of devices the students could use for this project.  From this list of 8, only 1  should be selected.

** My one critique with this slide show is the incorrect use of Metaphor.  When using this strategy, you do not have to use like or as; this would be for a Simile. A Metaphor usually asks you to compare one subject to another.  For example, "He was a beast on the Basketball court."

Simile uses like or as:  "The two dancers moved like shadows across the floor."

A more detailed explanation of these devices may be seen on:

I went back to the list of 8 examples from the slide show and decided to do some snooping on the Internet for examples of ads that use each of the techniques.  Here are some, not necessarily in the same order that is in the slide show:








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