Wednesday, May 13, 2015

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TDSB’s Online School Climate Survey

When a positive school climate is established, all members of the school community feel safe, included, and accepted and actively promote positive behaviours and interactions with each other. Every other year the TDSB conducts School Climate Surveys to hear directly from our students, parents and school staff as they all play a key role in contributing to a positive school climate.
This school year, between March and June 2015:
  • students in Grades 7-12 will complete the TDSB’s online Student School Climate Survey: Grades 7-12
  • elementary and secondary schools will also invite parents/guardians/caregivers and all school staff to complete the TDSB’s school climate surveys for parents and staff
Before schools begin administration of the survey, an information letter will be sent home to parents. Schools will provide translated versions of the parent letter to parents upon their request. This information letter will include a link that parents need to access the parent survey.
We encourage all parents of Grade 7 to 12 students to participate in the school climate survey this year. With your participation, your child’s school will have data to make informed planning decisions about programs to help prevent bullying and promote a positive school climate that is inclusive and accepting of all students.
Should you have any questions regarding the school climate surveys, please contact your child’s school. (from

The link for the student completion of this survey is here:

On the topic of surveys, I posted a series of questions (I obtained it from the Pintrest website) for the students.  They had to select one to respond to:

The source is from Celestine Chua and the link is located in the poster.

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