Friday, May 15, 2015

Kinesthetic connections with Transformational Geometry, Drake Pasta Lunch, & updates on the Homework Chart

As a way of making a connection between the Math we are doing and the larger world, I thought I would use the world of Athletics.  Here is a link to the Uneven Bars at the 2012 Olympics:

There a number of movements within this video.  Most of them are Rotations (movement of body around the bars, the movement of the hands on the bar).

In addition, you will see a number of Rotations of the Men on the Parallel Bars. There are rotations of 180 degrees, 360 degrees, and some body positions at 90 degrees.

Now, there are not many Reflections happening here, so here are two dancers who model a Reflection about 53 seconds into the dance.  A lot of the movements they make, while dancing, involve translations.

We began to look at the first video at the end of our review lesson from the last Math test.  There will be another test and the lower of the two marks will be dropped.  Kavishan scored an A+ and there were a number of other students who scored in the C range and aware of the mistakes they made.

We walked through the test broke it down into smaller parts for the explanation.  Here are the test questions:

I am going to post Kavishan's near perfect test up for review:

The following is an older film I made using the Promethean Board.  It covers the topics that will on the upcoming quiz:

The Drake Hotel Pasta Lunch date has been moved.  As of right now, there are no students from Room 52 participating.  Here is the new information:

Homework Chart update:

9 Xs have been removed by several students from the Homework chart as a result of some students checking to see what they may have forgotten to hand in.  I will mark work that is handed in, but I will not chase students down for it. It is posted for them to see what they need to do and up to them to make the choice to do it.  Some have made that choice and should be proud of that effort. 


No formal homework has been assigned on this long weekend, but students who have not completed outstanding work should be working on completing it.
There will be a quiz for both the Grade 7s and 8s in the respective areas of Math (Transformations and Theoretical/Experimental Probability)

Have a great Long Weekend!

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