Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Grade 8 Math Review, preparing for editing of paragraphs

The Grade 8s had some review of angles today in preparation for the upcoming test.

This was taken from an existing Promethean lesson on angles.

The students constructed these angles.  This was the part that proved difficult for a number of students on the last test.  I am hoping the review proved helpful.
Here is Megan trying to work with the technology of the Promethean Board to demonstrate one of the questions during our review:

The next step in completing these paragraphs is the editing component.  The students, who should be done by now, will use the following checklist to monitor their work and then pass it along to another set of eyes for more feedback.  It looks like this:


Grade 7s to complete outstanding Internet learning sheets on Mean, Median, Mode
Final copies of Narrative paragraph (on Harris Burdick) typed up
Grade 8 Math test tomorrow

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