Saturday, March 28, 2015

Electronic Cigarettes & Reading Comprehension, updating an older Reading Response posting, a note for Dylan

As a way of introducing this topic in our current Reading Comprehension topic, I thought we might take a look at some of the videos on the topic of E-cigarettes.  On the Internet, and YouTube in particular, there is a lot of information out there.  I have tried to select information from websites (CNN, BBC, CBC) that are from news services that have, from my point of view, a balanced perspective.

Update:  While doing some research for this exercise, I came across one of the brands of cigarettes that has invested a lot of money in advertising.  Their key spokesperson is Jenny McCarthy.  I think showing this video will also provide an opportunity for some Media Literacy.

The following link will look at a story that points out the potential benefits of e-cigarettes.

Also, to offer a balanced perspective, here is the web page for the Electronic Cigarettes International Group which "distributes many of the world’s leading e-cigarette and vaping brands...."  There website is at:

A screenshot from the e-cigarette website

As the article in What in the World suggests, E-cigarettes are aimed at a youth market.  Consider this image of some of the "juice" flavours available for customers, or future customers, of e-cigarettes:

I believe it was Thursday when I posted a copy of a Reading Response, based on an article I read.  I noticed that the resolution of the image was poor, so I decided to upload them separately.  I did this a means for modelling how to do a response.

** Dylan, I found your Reading Comp exercise on the dropping price of oil.  I had it mixed in with some other papers.  I do remember starting to read it before the March Break; my apologies!

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