Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Study Sheets

A short entry today.
For homework, just before the Break for the 8s and after for the 7s, were a series of Study Sheets to prepare for the upcoming Math tests this week.  Here a sampling of a few and a some short comments:

This one is from Grade 8.  I try to provide feedback on each sheet handed in.  This one encouraged the student to create questions that required him to do some measuring.  It would be a way to consolidate the concepts and practice with a protractor,

This one was the most complete for both grades.  It had detailed sample questions.  The student acknowledged that the last question was incomplete.  I finished it for her.

This question also contained samples.  While I took a portion of the original sheet, I reminded this student to remember to review the concept of Range and the "Ideal Average Sum" type question that we did in class where we used the blocks and created graphs.

Grade 7 test on Mean, Median, Mode, Range, and "IAS"

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