Sunday, March 22, 2015

After March Break: odds and ends; Reviewing Grade 7 work on Mean, Median, and Mode; Reading Comprehension on Electronic cigarettes....

Time to return to learning!

Sorry about the cut in the scan of this handout that went home on March 11.  It is a note saying that the school trustee, Marit Stiles, will be at the AMG Parent Council meeting on March 25 @ 6:30.

A photo honouring David, who did not come on the skating trip a couple of weeks ago:

I believe this is the Turkish Consulate in Toronto, located on the lower portion of Spadina Avenue.

In the final week of school I posted a lot of information relating to the falling price of oil.  This was related to a Reading Comprehension exercise.  (Original blog date:  Unfortunately, I did not get to review the blog post or look at the assignment.  I am hoping we will do this tomorrow.

After reviewing the information and questions relating to the original article, we will be moving on to a new topic:  Electronic Cigarettes.  As a primer to the article, we will look at some information posted on the CBC website:  We will start with looking at some news items before looking at some of the more detailed text in the articles.

To get things going again (the brain, after March Break), we will review some Math work for the Grade 7s done before the break:

After reviewing this, we looked at one of the questions posted before the break for homework:

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